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Benchmark Construction Layout

In the Benchmark Group of companies we offer a wide variety of construction layout services, services which includes:

  • SITE SERVICING LAYOUT for subdivision, municipal infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects. This includes but is not limited to sanitary, storm and watermain servicing, roads, curbs, sidewalks, fences and site electrical and utilities layout
  • SITE GRADING LAYOUT for earthwork projects, including pre and post construction surveys and earth quantity take-offs
  • LOT GRADING LAYOUT for residential and commercial lots. Provide grade staking for grading lot to grading certificate tolerances.
  • GPS MACHINE CONTROL SETUP AND SURFACE MODELLING for all makes and brands of machine control GPS systems. Includes creating tin model grading surfaces for equipment GPS units and also can provide site control and localizations.
  • BUILDING AND STRUCTURAL LAYOUT for footings, foundations, caissons columns, piers and bolt configurations. Bolt alignment and elevation quality control surveys and reports.
  • MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL LAYOUTS for machine and assembly line equipment setups. Layout of tanks and piping assemblies for industrial projects.
  • ELECTRICAL AND UTILITY LAYOUTS for hydro poles, traffic poles, underground utilities, transmission lines and towers. Substation and switchstation layouts including footings foundations and bolt and mounting assemblies.
  • DRILLING AND JACK & BORE LAYOUT – includes layout of alignments and elevations. Also can provide settlement monitoring and reports .
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS LAYOUT – includes full site grading, servicing , structural, and electrical layout and quality control surveys and monitoring for large scale wind power and solar projects.
  • CONSTRUCTION AS-BUILT SURVEYS – includes detail as-built survey of site surface detail and underground servicing and inverts for site servicing projects, elevations, horizontal information, tolerances for structural projects and Civil 3D drafting and drawings provided in hard copy and digital format.

Construction Layout Services

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We proudly offer construction layout across British Columbia and Alberta including: AbbotsfordAlbertaBritish Columbia, CalgaryEdmontonNorth VancouverRichmond and last but not least Vancouver.

The Benchmark Group is the reliable choice for as built surveys and time sensitive training requirements. Our construction projects layout and site detailing services are reliable and free your crews up allowing them to handle other site requirements. Feel free to ask for a consultation on concrete formwork layout.

We offer services that will fit your budget and keep your sites ahead of schedule. We are trained to use the newest hardware and software technology. The Benchmark data management  package is designed to keep your layout guys working in the field where they are the most productive.  Let us do the Data Prep for each of your new sites.


We offer qualified industry veteran hardware and software training packages for virtually every brand of equipment and software including layout services, total stationtotal station trainingrobotic total station trainingRTK and construction GPS  and more.