Construction Surveying

By definition Construction Surveying is provided to support the construction of new buildings, site improvements, and infrastructure. This typically involves field surveys to layout and mark new improvements on the ground. It can also include as-built surveys to confirm correct construction of improvements and surveys to monitor settling and displacement caused by ongoing construction activities.

Construction Surveying Assistance

Benchmark Site Services provides all-around assistance with as-built site conditions and plans, drawings, data pickup for above ground and underground utilities, also for dams, ditches, dykes, roads,asphalt, concrete structures and many others.

We make 2D areas and 3D volumes for civil quantities surveys of gravel pits, riprap, culverts, geotextile materials, stockpiles, topsoil and borrow, and waste excavations, gravel and clay earthen embankments, and above ground and underground utilities that will help you see the progress of the construction work therefore making sure that everything develop as planned.

Building Surveying

Construction Surveying