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Let the Benchmark Site Group help you with your Grid Line Layout. We specialize on it and in new site localization and data prep where in most cases our crew is able to be onsite laying out points 24 hours. So go ahead and contact us today for a free construction layout / surveying consultation.

What is the Grid Line Layout?

Before and construction can be done, a set of construction drawings would be issued by the Consulting Architect firm. In these drawings the site layout plan and floor plans will be found. These plans will have the Grid Line Layout indicated with dimensions given. These grid lines allow references to be made in terms of position/location of various elements in the project. For example, a partition wall position determined in the floor plan with indicated dimensions in the x and y axis.

Grid Line Layout Example

Who does this?

The Main Contractor would normally engage a license surveyor to set out the grid lines on site. There is where our Licence Surveying Team come to the rescue. The License surveyor will purchase a survey plan from the government land survey department indicating the true coordinate control points near the construction site. Then the license surveyor field team will transfer and establish new control points if necessary from these control points. From these, the on site team will go and set out the grid lines in the construction site.

The license surveyor’s team normally sets up the gridline reference points a few meters away from the building outline. When marking the gridline reference points they will as far as possible marked it on a permanent structure such as if there is a concrete pavement or a boundary wall or fence. If that is not possible they will drive a wooden peg/stake into the ground and marked the grid line reference point of the top of the wooden peg with a steel nail.

After the grid line setting out is done on site, they will bring their field data back to their office and have a drawing made out, showing the gridlines they have marked on site and the offset distances and other relevant information. When the gridline setting drawing is ready, the license surveyor will endorse drawing and issue it to the main contractor.

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